Claudia Benham
Claudia Benham, GCI Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Claudia Benham

Claudia is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Healthy Oceans Program at the Global Change Institute, where she works on a range of issues at the marine science and policy nexus.

Claudia’s background is as an interdisciplinary marine and social scientist specialising in tropical environments. Her PhD work examined the ecological and social impacts of industrial developments in the Great Barrier Reef.

Claudia brings a background in policy development to her role at the GCI, having worked for the Australian Government in marine conservation management planning for Australian sharks and sea lions, providing policy support for Australia’s delegation to the International Whaling Commission, and regulation of the Queensland gas industry as part of the Coal Seam Gas Taskforce.

Claudia’s overarching research interest is in identifying opportunities to improve the wellbeing of communities and the environment through the study of complex social-ecological systems.

She has published on trandisciplinary research approaches, drawing on quantitative and qualitative methods used in human geography, ecology and public policy.

Her work strongly emphasises the use of participatory research techniques, and she regularly collaborates with researchers and stakeholders from across the university, government, NGO and industry sectors.

Claudia is also affiliated with the Centre for Global Governance at the University of Canberra.

Recent publications

Benham, C.F., S.G. Beavis, R. Hendry and E. L. Jackson (2016)Growth effects of shading and burial in two tropical seagrass species: implications for port management and impact assessment”, Marine Pollution Bulletin 109(1): 461-470.

Benham, C.F. and K.A. Daniell (2016) "Putting transdisciplinary research into practice: A participatory approach to understanding change in coastal social-ecological systems”, Ocean and Coastal Management 128:29-39.

Benham, C.F. (2016) "Change, Opportunity and Grief: Understanding the complex social-ecological impacts of gas development in the Australian coastal zone", Energy Research and Social Science 14:61-70.

Benham, C. F. (In press) “Community perspectives on gas development in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area: do the environmental impacts outweigh the economic benefits at the local scale?”, UN Natural Resources Forum.

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