Dr Paul Dennis
Dr Paul Dennis

Dr Paul Dennis heads the Microbial Ecology Lab in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and aims to understand the importance of microorganisms in Earth’s rapidly changing ecosystems

Paul completed a BSc Hons in Environmental Science in 2002 and published the associated research in 2003 (289 citations).

He then worked on heavy metal contaminated soils at the world’s oldest agricultural research station, Rothamsted Research, UK. This work was published in 2006 and has attracted 145 citations.

Paul's PhD led to seven publications including an impacting opinion article that has been cited 84 times since 2010.

In 2007, he started a postdoc with the British Antarctic Survey and did two Antarctic expeditions (Oct 2007- March 2008 and Nov 2008-Feb 2009). During these expeditions Paul was generally living in a tent, deep in Antarctica.

When combined with the months spent planning these expeditions, he spent 17 months obtaining samples, which compromised an opportunity to publish relative to his peers. Despite this he published five papers during this period and the samples that he collected represent the world’s most extensive collection of maritime Antarctic soils. These samples are helping to elucidate the consequences of climate change on the diversity and functioning of these extreme and sensitive ecosystems.

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