Monday 4 July 2016 to Monday 1 August 2016
This year’s photography competition theme is: ‘A view from our waterways: the changing landscape for this vital resource’.

Tours run weekly on Tuesdays at 11.30 am.

Want to see how a workplace in the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane runs with no air-conditioning? Or what innovative materials were used to achieve a zero-carbon, sustainable building of the future? Then register for a small group tour of the Global Change Institute (GCI) 'Living Building.'

Thursday 28 July 2016

Population pressure in rural areas places increasing stress on environmental resources and biodiversity, in turn undermining the livelihoods of rural communities.

Thursday 4 August 2016

South Australia is at the front-line of how to incorporate large volumes of renewable energy while maintaining reliability and system security, given issues related to renewable intermittency in an energy-only market. Wind generation comprises about one-third of total electricity load and about one-quarter of all residential properties have installed embedded solar PV generation.

Thursday 11 August 2016

Presented by Dr. Marguerite Renouf , School of Chemical Engineering UQ

Dr Marguerite Renouf BSc(Hons)/BA, PhD (Env Man) UQ is a Research Fellow at the School of Chemical Engineering's Water-Energy-Carbon Research Group (

She has worked in environmental research at UQ for 15 years, with a particular interest in the environmental evaluation of production and consumption systems using modelling tools. She is interested how we can produce and consume with less drain on the environment.

Thursday 25 August 2016

Presented by Professor Kim Bryceson, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

Professor Kim Bryceson has a background in industry and government research specialising in the use of information technology in agricultural production and agribusiness – particularly in relation to the value adding potential for electronic technologies across agri-industry chains in Production, Electronic Supply Chain, Food Traceability Systems, and Cold Chain Logistics. Her book "E Issues in Agribusiness, the What, Why How" is published through CABI International in the UK.

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