Dr Susanne Schmidt is leading UQ’s Plant Nutrition and Ecophysiology research group (3 postdocs; 12+ postgraduates and research assistants) with a focus on natural, agricultural and silvicultural systems.  Her research interests includes sustainable agriculture, biogeochemistry (greenhouse gases) and soil biology, biodiversity conservation and reforestation, soil fertility and carbon, and novel uses of native plants, and nitrogen (pollution, improved N supply to crops, recycling of ‘wastes’ as plant nutrients).  Suzanne coordinates the UQ courses ‘Plant Biology’, ‘Plant Adaptation and Climate Change’, and ‘Food for a healthy Planet’. Her team has competitive funding from ARC, SRDC, DAFF (Dept of Agriculture), QLD Government, QLD DAFF and industry ($400-500k/annum). Suzanne is a member of science and journal advisory boards, a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and active in science communication and outreach.

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