Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg

Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg
Director, Global Change Institute

The Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland seeks much-needed solutions to the fundamental challenges facing all of humanity.Sustainable Water is one of our four themes at the institute. It aims to integrate UQ’s strengths and diversity in water research, and integrate with government, industry and research partners. UQ is well placed to understand and address the water challenges ahead to achieve sustainability. UQ’s breadth of experience ranges from engineering, chemical and biological sciences, to economic policy, climate and environmental research. We invite you to join us. Your leadership, collaboration and participation in our projects is essential if we are to successfully meet the challenge of achieving sustainable water.

A/Prof. Eva Abal
Associate Professor Eva Abal
Sustainable Water Program Director
Global Change Institute

Global population growth and urbanisation are dramatically increasing the demand for clean and reliable supplies of fresh water, land, energy and food with a corresponding significant increase in emissions and waste streams. Combined with climate variability, increasing catchment degradation from human impacts and uneven distribution of water resources, our liveability is being impacted, with consequent impacts on public health. The vision of the GCI Sustainable Water Program is to address the complexities of the global water challenge through innovation, education and engagement. This will be achieved through identifying opportunities for cross-disciplinary team-building around important gaps to make a significant contribution to the development and successful implementation of socially, environmentally and economically sustainable long-term water policies for Australia and the region.

Engage with us

The GCI Sustainable Water Program welcomes Australian and international partners and sponsors to collaborate on water research.

Opportunities include:

  • Participate in steering committees to help frame research priorities to align with the priorities of industry, government and the national interest
  • Actively partner and collaborate in new and established research projects
  • Lead collaborative programs where there are gaps in UQ capability
  • Sponsor new and established research projects
  • Sponsor research higher degree (RHD)scholarships
  • Sponsor GCI Sustainable Water Program initiatives
  • Please join us in finding solutions now! Contact Eva Abal or Nina Hall of the GCI Sustainable Water program.

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