Aerial view of a part of UQ's rooftop solar array.
Aerial view of a part of UQ's rooftop solar array.

The University of Queensland is home to UQ Solar, Australia’s largest roof-top flat-panel solar photovoltaic (PV) array. Led by GCI, UQ Solar is an initiative to improve the delivery of cost efficient renewable energy options.

The 1.5 MW solar array positions UQ – one of Australia’s premier research universities – as a leading provider of research, training and education in renewable energy globally.

Covering an area the size of one-and-a-half football fields, this clean energy system will generate about six per cent of the St Lucia campus' peak power and save about 2000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually, equivalent to taking 350 cars off the road.

In the future, all new buildings at UQ will be designed to have solar panels, adding to the generation capacity of the array. For more information visit our About UQ Solar web page.

Photovoltaic Array

Live Data Feed – view real-time and historical information on electricity generated by the UQ Solar St Lucia Array.  The data from the meters is transmitted every minute to the server that generates the live data feed.

Due to the time needed to send, receive and process data, the information on the live feed display is less than two minutes “old”.



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