Addressing the challenges of a changing world.

Food Security and Land Use

By 2050, the world’s agriculture will need to increase food production by 70 percent to feed a projected 9 billion people....

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Healthy Oceans

Our oceans and coasts are changing at a rate unprecedented in human history. Ocean warming, acidification, rising sea levels,...

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Renewable Energy

The rapid increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide represents a serious threat to the well-being of both natural and man-made...

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Transforming Policy, Institutions & Society

Climate change, resource limitations and environmental degradation all pose significant challenges to our world. How we respond to...

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About GCI

Global change is the hallmark of our age. Whether it is population growth, climate change or revolutions in technology - understanding and responding to global change is more important than ever.

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Introducing the GCI

Global Change Institute, University of Queensland

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